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Marie (Bree) Caravaggio at the Estrella War XXIV

Marie (Bree) Caravaggio
Estrella War XXIV, Florence, AZ ~ 3:31 PM on 2.16.2008

Environmental portrait of Marie (Bree) Caravaggio of Tujunga, CA at the Estrella War XXIV, in Florence, AZ, by the Picture Wizards...

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Main light: Large 4x6 Chimera, Dyna-lite 2000 pack, camera left.
Edge light: Medium Chimera (back and to the right): Dyna-lite 1000 pack.
Strobes triggered by Pocket Wizards.
Photoshop: Minimal.

Camera: Nikon, 70-200mm 2.8 VR lens (set at 95mm)
Exposure: 250th/sec @ f/16

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