C O O G A N     P H O T O G R A P H Y   W I T H   A   V I S I O N

Buick Enclave, near the Salt River

Location scouting: We decided on the beautiful area near Saguaro Lake, scouted and then contacted the Tonto National Forest ranger and were approved for a permit for the photo shoot... Many thanks to the rangers for approving the permit in under the 30 days (that's the normal time).

I wanted to keep the shot simple with beautiful soft light. We also did several shots including having Nathaniel with a tripod photographing his family, him alone with a couple of cameras, and with a tripod photographing the mountain range, the client chose this image and I liked it best as well.

Buick Enclave
Nathaniel, Nicolle and Shyanne Mayo
On the Salt River, near Saguaro Lake
East of Phoenix, AZ ~ 7:01 PM on 4.29.2010

Mindi Schappach, Senior Art Director for B, The Buick Owner magazine asked me to shoot a portrait of Nathaniel Mayo and his family with their 2008 Buick Enclave.

Nathan posted on his Facebook wall about the love for his Buick Enclave (something about the Buick Enclave not being your "Grandfather's Buick")... Buick heard about the post and hired me through the ASMP Find A Photographer website to photograph him with his wife and child and of course the car. The art director gave me some guidelines for the shoot (wanting to run across a 2 page spread), sent a previous shot they had run from the same series and layout for type, etc.

Buick Enclave, B, The Buick Owner magazine near the Salt River

We lucked out and got the beautiful light on the mountains in the background... I thought at one point after the sun was gone that we were not going to get that beautiful light, but somehow it appeared right at the very end of the shoot.
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