Atari Gravitar cabinets

Here are some photos of the Gravitar cabinet, marquee and control panel -- including the European version.
• I would love to get a few pictures of a Gravitar cabaret and cocktail version
(if any exist) - see this confidential Atari memo dated June 25, 1982.

Atari always made the best games on the planet and the side art was always great.
• After doing a bit of research, I found the following information about the Atari artists, which was confirmed by Rich Adam and Brad Chaboya: Rich Adam: "Brad Chaboya did the cabinet art for the game, which is why his initials are in the game."

George Opperman (1935-1985) was the first artist hired by Atari and designed the original "Fuji" logo in 1972, but it was not until later, as the company became increasingly successful, that an advertising agency redesigned it into a slicker, and now famous Atari logo - the "Fuji" or Stylised "A" design.

I spoke with Brad (March 16, 2004) after a little web researching...

I asked him about George Opperman and the relationship of George, Atari and himself. He said George was the Art Director for Atari's art department, but that he did a lot of the graphics for the Atari cabinets including Gravitar. He was genuinely pleased to hear about the Gravitar site.

After our conversation, I emailed Brad and asked if he would write up some of his thoughts about the art he created for Atari and the process of how he worked on the games creating the art, a bit of info about George Opperman and how the art dept. worked, etc... and of course Gravitar specifically. I will add this information page about Brad and the process he went through creating the art to the Gravitar site when I receive it.

European model with the marquee integrated to the screen glass.

• Many thanks to Mikko H. Hyppönen for permission to use the pictures of his European Gravitar on the site (he has since sold the game)

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