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The Gravitar web site is a labor of love for a game that I think is amazing :-)

My history with Gravitar
Gravitar is an awesome game of finesse and skill. You have total freedom of movement throughout the Gravitar universe.

Total control of your ship and learning the layout of the different screens (12 planets) are the biggest pieces of advice I can give to the new player if you want to complete each level (Solar System).

That would be a lot of quarters
Each time I started on a new screen that I had not played before I thought "I'll never be able to get through this one -- it's just too difficult." -- after some practice and perseverance I raised my game to the next level and completed it.

4:48 PM Sunday, June 15, 2003 -- TOTAL VICTORY! -- for the first time, I completed the final screen of the game -- the North West planet in the 3rd solar system of the NEGATIVE (REVERSE) GRAVITY / INVISIBLE LANDSCAPE -- with a new high score of 766,350.

Completing the entire game made me wonder if I could break the world record. I have continued to play Gravitar on a regular basis keeping track of my scores, so far with 17 games over 1 million points (9 games above 1 million points, 3 games above 2 million points, 5 games above 3 million points). Most of the time I play just to keep my skills sharp (I can play through an entire game in about an hour, then I will turn the game off and walk away).


HIGH SCORE UPDATE: December 23, 2006
I surpassed my previous high score (3,652,700 on 9/8/03) with a new high score of 8,029,450. A NEW WORLD RECORD! Game play started at 10:15 AM Friday, December 22nd and ended at 9:30 AM Saturday, December 23, 2006 (23 hours 15 minutes). The game was recorded on digital video and refereed by Brien King.
    Billy Mitchell even called to congratulate me for breaking the record which reigned for 24 years. He holds many gaming records including the first perfect Pac-Man game (7/3/99), and world records on Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Jr.
    . . . it was a cool surprise, Thanks Billy.
Twin Galaxies has posted my 8,029,450 point world record score in their database... who knows, I may try to top my own score at some point. My next challenge will be playing Gravitar with just 6 ships (no bonus ships) through the entire game. I've asked Twin Galaxies to add this setting for Tournament Play (TGTS).

THE WORLD CHAMPION Gravitar player that held the title from Dec. 4, 1982 until Dec. 23, 2006 -- 24 years!... is Ray Mueller, he set the bar so very high with his 4,722,200 point game -- (I recently had the pleasure of meeting him in person at his home outside of Boulder, CO and playing a few games of Gravitar with on October 15, 2006)

Back in the early 80's I played a lot of different video games in the arcades -- (Hey, I was 18 in 1981 - the height of "classic arcade games") but I never heard of Gravitar until Dec. 2001, when I read about it in the newsgroup or RGVAC. Through playing the game in MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) I really fell in love with it.

I started searching the internet for as much information on Gravitar as I could find. I got lucky and found an actual Gravitar for sale (in great condition) on Derek Litton's web site and I bought the game from him (Thanks again Derek) in Jan. 2002 and had it shipped out to me here in Phoenix, AZ from the Boston, MA area.

I've been blown up in just about every conceivable place in every screen -- so I have developed some strategies for playing the game, and hope these will help others that are discovering this most awesome game for the first time.

There is a lot of good information available, but I never found a web site with screen captures and playing tips like I wanted, so I decided to create one -- through MAME, I made screen captures, imported them into Photoshop and added some extras (ships, text, tips, game play hints)

Dan Coogan

If you have some Gravitar playing tips and want to let me know, fire off an email and let me know!

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