The Gravitar Hanging Mobile

For the release of Gravitar, Atari distributed these hanging mobiles for game locations to promote the game. They would hang above the Gravitar upright game.

-- a single piece of art (double sided, same image, just reversed, so when it's hanging you see the image on both sides) of the Gravitar man with the spaceship taking off and the sun over his shoulder. It measures about 9.5 x 11 inches total.

The Gravitar hanging mobile is Awesome!!! looks great, just perfect -- I doubt many people ever saw one back in 1982.

Special thanks to Mike Hally, designer of Gravitar, for permission to use the image on the site. He sent his mobile (he thinks it's the only one he has) for me to scan and photograph for the site, for everyone to see -- so this is a VERY RARE ITEM INDEED -- At least we have this one to work with, and it's in amazing condition. I'll photograph it on 2 1/4 film as well as 4x5 (we photographers call it "copy work") with perfect, even lighting -- then we can scan the image and work with it from there if we need to do anything with it.

Brad Chaboya, was Atari's graphic artist (back in the day) and he created all the art work associated with Gravitar -- hats off to Brad for a fantastic job.

We are looking into permission to have some t-shirts, posters and mobiles made from this image -- not so much as a money making venture, though it's always nice to make money, or at least break even -- but just to get some quality Gravitar imagery out to the arcade people who care -- these could be sold through various reputable arcade sites like:

I emailed Scott Evans and asked if he might have the original films the mobile was printed from -- I know he bought a lot of the film sets from Atari a while back, so I figured it's worth a shot.

I also spoke with Darin Jacobs at -- he has done a lot of beautiful, top quality repro work for various arcade games and thought he would be the right person to make the production part of it happen, or at least point me in the right direction to get the work reproduced in the various formats.

I also want to do the right thing and compensate the artist, so if this happens I will make sure a percentage goes to Brad Chaboya for his tremendous efforts to create such beautiful art.