Who is Gravitar?

    I always wondered who is Gravitar... a good guy...or a bad guy?
    I mean, he flys into these Solar Systems, destroys their protecting gun turrets, takes their fuel, and when he leaves... the planets blow up. I'm not judging him though... It's a tough job, someone's got to do it.

Who is Gravitar?

...You're the last rebel in a galaxy held hostage.

You are GRAVITAR, pirate and rebel of the Red Galaxy. You are on the attack... blasting enemy bunkers, fighting the claws of intense gravity fields, raiding dumps to get the precious fuel you need to continue your interplanetary journey.

But more than a marauder, you are the last hold-out against the angry Red Planet, whose powerful reactor squeezes the galaxy in it's death grip. To escape it you must destroy it, the ultimate battle that takes you straight down to the Red Planet's core. . . Go with Gravitar !

Gravitar.  The player's game.

Who is Gravitar -
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