Lunar Battle is the Gravitar prototype

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Differences between Lunar Battle and Gravitar

I have played Lunar Battle in Mame, and there are several differences I see right away:

• The Planet icons are different and there are no planet animations.
• The Gravity is stronger and more intense.
• The ships that pursue you from the Red Planet are definitely more aggressive.
• There are only 2 Solar Systems.
( ** THIS IS A MAJOR DIFFERENCE -- because in Gravitar there are 3 Solar Systems **)

Additional differences I noticed include:

• There are some different sounds during the game.
• There are 3 different bunker icons (in Gravitar all the bunker shapes are alike)
• The fuel cell icons are blue in some places, and white in others.
• There is a "Low on Fuel" warning if the fuel level drops below 2,000 fuel units.
-- (this is not present in Gravitar).
• Fuel limit is greater than 25,000 fuel units -- I do not know how high the fuel limit is set, but I collected more than 25,000 fuel units (in one game only, thus far) while playing Lunar Battle in Mame.
• Also, Rammer ships are present in the South planet of the 2nd Solar System
-- (these are not present in Gravitar).

Overall Lunar Battle seems rougher, and not as complete as Gravitar. - Lunar Battle Entry
Well here is what KLOV says about the game play: The game has the exact same play as Gravitar, but it is much more difficult. The gravitational pull is a lot stronger and the enemy attacks are relentless. The shapes of the bunkers and planets are different, but the terrain is the same. - Lunar Battle Entry
Gameplay is much harder and some graphics are a bit different than Gravitar.
The gravitational pull is a lot stronger and the enemy attacks are relentless.

I am not including game play hints for Lunar Battle (I have not played it all the way through -- but you get the idea from the description of the differences above), but I thought people might enjoy seeing the differences between Gravitar and Lunar Battle -- planet icons and landscapes, bunkers, enemy ships, and fuel cells.

Below you will find Screen captures with different planet icons for the 2 solar systems and Cabinet photos for Lunar Battle.


Lunar Battle
Solar System 1

Lunar Battle
Solar System 2


Lunar Battle Cabinet photos

Many thanks to Callan Hendricks at and Scott Evans at for permission to post them.