Atari Gravitar commercials

Here are 2 Gravitar videos:

** The first is the Gravitar commercial that was originally posted to --
Many thanks to Curt Vendel at for permission to use the commercial on the site.
• My guess is this video was sent out to arcade owners to entice them to buy Gravitar for their gamerooms.

** The second is the Starcade video -- currently posted at the Starcade site.
Thanks to James Caruso at Starcade for permission to use the commercial on the site.

watch the Atari Gravitar commercial (2MB, 65 seconds)
Announcer Voiceover

To the farthest reaches of space,
an unseen force draws you nearer --

An incredible new video experience, from Atari,
that pulls players in like a magnet,
and holds them with unparalleled challenge.

Players control a ship which begins each mission
positioned at home base, in the center of the play field.
From there, players can fly to five planets
avoiding the Death Star.

Gravitar has the right cabinet style for every location,
each with a 19" horizontal color X-Y monitor.

There's the standard upright cabinet with colorful side panel graphics.
A new streamline cabaret, contemporary and compact.
And the wood grain cocktail cabinet,
ideal for comfortable game play in relaxed locations.

When you need a new video game, with tremendous pulling power,
stay with the leader -- Atari
-- and get Gravitar working for you.

watch the Starcade Gravitar commercial (400K, 22seconds)
Announcer Voiceover

Your mission if you choose to accept it is to travel to alien planets, wipe out enemy bunkers, gathering fuel units, and making the solar system safe for future generations of space pioneers.

Protect yourself with the shield. Go for completeing your mission in the shortest period of time for bigger bonus points.

Your traveling in worlds beyond our own in Gravitar.