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Here are some Gravitar links, and some additional arcade related links, so get ready --
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KLOV - Gravitar entry - play Gravitar online ~ *see Footnote 1
Phosphor Dots - Gravitar entry - Gravitar entry
Ginger's Classic Corner (page archived) - Gravitar
Cinemarcade - Games that time forgot
Cinemarcade - Gravitar movie - Game of the Week - Gravitar - Atari Gravitar 2600
The Atari Times - Arcade - Gravitar Review
Archer Maclean's Gravitar CPO Reproduction

Arcade links including some great Personal Arcade Collectors

    Footnote 1: - play Gravitar online
    I wish the keyboard controls on were set up in the same configuration as the real control panel
    They use the: Up, Left, Right, Z and Space keys. When I play Gravitar in Mame on my computer keyboard the keys I use are these (as they are in a similar position to the layout of the arcade control panel): S - rotate left, D - rotate right, K - Thrust, L - Fire, Space - Tractor/Shield
              ~  I have emailed the sugestion... so far no response. - Gravitar controls
    To enlarge the game on screen, press Maximize button.

    Special thanks to Bill Selby Illustration for permission to use the Gravitar bezel artwork on my Gravitar links page.

    If you have a Gravitar link and want to let me know, fire off an email and let me know!

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