Gravitar Mame recording

Download Dan Coogan's Gravitar mame recording - 401,100 points.
Recorded on Dec. 22, 2003. Game play is 1 hour, 19 minutes
The file is 10.3 MB. (you may need to do a "save as")
I've use to playing Gravitar in MacMame on my computer quite a lot (like I did when I was playing before I got my full size game) -- just to see if I can still play on the keyboard, which is more difficult (also sitting down is different).

I managed to score (and record in Mame) 401,100 points, completing the entire (game) 4 universes and then promptly ran out of fuel at that point.

While I realize 401,100 points is far from a world record (and far from my own world record of 8,029,450 points) some people might like to see the recording to gleen some strategies especially in the invisible landscapes.

Dan Coogan

Recording and Play back of files in Mame

Well I'm no expert, but I was shown how to save my games by Ron Corcoran and Brien King (and it actually works).
I'm playing MacMame version 0.37b14
1. Launch MacMame. In the list of games select the game you want to play
2. In the tabs on the right hand side of the screen that say (info, video, audio, reports, misc) click on "Misc" tab.
3. Click on "Save Replay" -- this will bring up the Macintosh Save As box -- I usually just hit Command D and save the file to the desktop -- you can rename the file if you want.
4. Hit the "Play" button and play your best game.
5. When the game play ends, go back into the "Misc" tab and hit "Load Replay" -- this will bring up the Macintosh box for "Choose a replay file" -- choose the file you just saved to the desktop.
6. Hit play -- this will start the file playing of the game you just played.
Sit back and watch the game you just played.

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