Gravitar - Cheat/Bug

• A cool little trick.

I read about the Gravitar cheat/bug on the internet (on a few different web sites), but I could never figure out where it happens in the game:

Here is a description of the famous Gravitar Cheat/Bug: (and who is Roger?)
(ROGER:) "A well known gravitar cheat/bug is as follows... At a joint between two vectors (>90 degrees), position yourself below and shoot straight up. If you can align yourself just right, the shots will travel through the walls at the joint. Without moving from side to side, just thrust up and voila, you are now inside the wall. You can now move around and shoot the gun pods from behind. This is especially useful if you can get under the world!"

• 8/23/04 I received an email (below) from a Gravitar fan named Dr. Darren Denenberg. He explained the playing tip/trick/cheat bug that allows a player to get inside the 8,000 point planet. I have heard & read about it, but never been able to figure out where in the game it exists, so I never believed it, until now. Thanks to Darren's examples, I was able to give it a try and it works great. It's great to finally get confirmation on this.

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Subject: Gravitar playing tips (Cheat/Bug)
Date: Mon, 23 Aug 2004
From: Dr. Darren Denenberg
To: Dan Coogan

Dan -

I hope you don't mind me writing, but I thought I would pass along a playing tip alluded to in your interview with the designer of Gravitar, but not mentioned anywhere on your site (that I could find, anyway). It's how to get inside the 8000 point planet.

As an aside, I had a Gravitar as a kid. In fact, the one I had, or still have actually, came right off the assembly line into my house because my parents knew an attorney for Atari. Anyway, somehow I found out about this trick as a kid and still remember it. I only know how to do it on one planet, but I do believe it works somewhere else on another one of the planets as well.

Anyhow, the trick - once you appear above the 8000 point planet, you will be right over a small cutaway in the planet with one red gun and one fuel cell. Destroy the gun, then position yourself right under the vertex that protrudes over the cutaway. You will know you are in the right place if your shots go right through the point where the two lines meet - not slightly to the left or right (if you're too far to the right, they'll just hit the wall). I've attached a screenshot that shows exactly where you should be, and although the shots I was firing didn't come out, if they are passing directly through the vertex then you're lined up right. Just keep thrusting and shooting for a couple of seconds to make sure you aren't drifting right or left.

Once you're lined up, drop straight down VERY SLOWLY through the planet directly below you. You will pass through the planet and be in the center, where you can pick off all the guns without being hit. I've also attached a screenshot of this.

To exit, line yourself up under the same point, shoot to make sure your shots are passing through the planet, the slowly thrust straight up to get back out.

After 20 years my mind is fuzzy but I tested it on the cabinet and MAME, and it works on both.

Hope this helps. If you already knew this, then sorry for bugging you. Gravitar is a great game, very unique, and for a fan of vector machines it's nice to see at least one page dedicated to what I feel is one of the best - Black Widow and Major Havoc notwithstanding.


Much thanks to Dr. Darren Denenberg for clearing up the mystery of the Gravitar cheat/bug.