Gravitar - Game review from Feb. 1983 issue of Computer+Video Games, p31

 Gravitar review: Computer+Video Games Magazine, Feb. 1983 issue, p31

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Page 31: includes Gravitar review

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Quest for the Red Planet

You plot your own intergalactic course through Gravitar's deepest space in the quest for the Red Planet.

Your mission is to collect fuel from the minor planets in the solar system and then storm the Red Planet with its subterranean passages.

Gravitar is a new concept in lunar landing games as it shows you progressively closer pictures of your approach to the planet.

In Deep space your only worries are the Death Star -- which will try to pull you into its field of gravity -- and two pursuing craft sent after you by the Red Planet.

If one of these ships should come too close, the screen enlarges to allow you both to manoeuvre in a dogfight.

Arriving at a planet, your screen changes to show a close up of your craft descending. Soon at features of the planet are discernible. These include rocky mountainscapes usually studded with red bunkers which protect the blue fuel cells.

Taking care to avoid the bunker's fire, you must manoeuvre over the fuel cell and switch on your tractor beam to fill up with fuel.

The tractor button doubles as a shield button to help you repel enemy fire but each time you use it or the thrust button, fuel is depleted.

Points are scored for successfully raiding a planet in the given time limit, destroying enemy bunkers and collecting fuel and shooting red ships.

The Red Planet challenges you to guide the ship down into a spiral cavern where a clock ticks down on a reactor. Having survived the tunnel journey you must blast the reactor and escape from the tunnel, all in under 23 seconds. If the mission is completed you are taken through to another universe.

Gravitar resembles Asteroids in design and controls. With single lines representing planet surfaces, ships and planets. The controls are: buttons for left and right rotation, fire and thrust buttons and a dual purpose, shield/tractor beam button.

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