C O O G A N     P H O T O G R A P H Y   W I T H   A   V I S I O N

Indigenous, Blues Rock Band

Native American blues-rock band
Scottsdale, AZ ~ 5:15 PM on 2.13.2002

The band is Indigenous (Left to right) Pte, Mato Nanji, Wandbi, and Horse.
Location: The Cajun House, Scottsdale, AZ.

Hilary Wallace, Art Director for Native Peoples Magazine wanted an interesting environmental portrait of the Native American blues-rock band Indigenous. The band was playing a gig at The Cajun House in Scottsdale, which looks like an outdoor street, but it's really inside.

We also shot some portraits of their guitarist Mato Nanji after the group shot.

Lighting: (6) Dynalite strobes

Hasselblad 60mm lens.
Exposure: 1/2 sec. @ f/11 (a longer exposure was needed to expose for the tungsten lights in the background).
Film: Fuji RDP 100
Photoshop: minimal.
Photo assistant: Lyle Moultrie

"Indigenous" is one of the hottest rising blues acts in the country.
Check out their music at: www.indigenousrocks.com or on itunes

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