C O O G A N     P H O T O G R A P H Y   W I T H   A   V I S I O N

Martin Shultz, Corporate Lobbyist, APS, with giant solar panels

Martin Shultz
Corporate Lobbyist, APS, Tempe, AZ ~ 8:15 AM on 6.15.1993

Environmental Portrait of Martin Shultz, Corporate Lobbyist for APS, Arizona Public Service Co., and Pinnacle West Capital Corp., for Arizona Business Magazine.

The location is the APS STAR Center solar facility in Tempe, AZ at the corner of McClintock and University. With the camera just about on the ground, the low camera angle combined with a wide angle lens creates a dramatic portrait.

The solar panels in the foreground are the same as the panels far in the background... I had the subject raise his arms which makes it look like he is controlling the solar panels (of course he is not, but it makes for a good visual) ...the panels rotate throughout the day, following the sun.

Strobist info / Lighting: (1) Dynalites strobe
Main light: Small Chimera softbox to camera left, the subject is actually in the shade of the panels, and we re-light him with the strobe to balance the ambient light.

Hasselblad 50mm lens with an 81B filter
Exposure: 1/500 sec @ f/8
Film: Fuji RDP 100
Photoshop: minimal.

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